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animals feel good…and bad…
August 3, 2010, 7:08 pm
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We treat animals so badly, not just horses. Puppy and kitten mills, starved and abused animals, farm animals treated cruelly. What about the seal hunt…cruel, inhumane and totally unnecessary; there is no market left for the products…but it is tradition…a tradition which stops Canada from banning the use and sale of dog and cat fur in this country because we do not want to offend anyone(mostly Asian markets, as the E.U has banned our seal products) and dry up what market is left for our seal hunt. Check out those stuffed cats for sale in gift shops, the toys for cats and dogs with real fur…whose fur is it????  Most cat fur from Asia comes labelled as rabbit…do not be fooled…it is most often cat fur..and believe me when I tell you they are not killed in any way humanely…they die a painful death too horrible to contemplate. And Canada will not join in banning these products or even enact laws to label products properly.

Why do pet stores sell puppies and kittens (let them stick to fish) when there are millions of cats/kittens and dogs/puppies in shelters waiting for good homes…millions are killed by shelters every year because no one steps up? For the same reason there are children of older vintage who are not adopted…we want cute babies… not youngsters… cute kittens… not cats. The state of animal welfare in our civilized world is appalling…our laws do not do enough, the penalties are not harsh enough, they are not enforced. Dog fighting and the use of bait animals to train the dogs…cock fighting, bull fighting…we allow animals who have no choice in the matter to battle and bleed and die for our amusement. Perhaps we should go back to the days of Rome and gladiators…except they had no choice either. Choice is what we allow each other but not the animals entrusted to us. Institutional cruelty exists in Canada because our animal welfare laws of 1892…outlaw unnecessary suffering…and so would seem to allow necessary suffering…Check out “No Country For Animals”..Kevin Newman’s documentary for CanWest/Global.

I am tired of living in a country so smug because we make the list of places everyone wants to live…while we accept institutional cruelty, slaughter horses in a way that would make you sick, and live by animal welfare laws that have not been updated since the century before last…we pride ourselves on being a kind, gentle, peacekeeping country…all the while the creatures who live with us have no recourse and few protections. They are living, breathing, sentient and feeling creatures…pain is as horrible to them as it is to us…we spend millions on food and toys and trinkets for the animals we choose…and neglect the rest.

I love my country and I am a proud Canadian…but I am not proud of our continued abuse of animals and our inability to protect those who cannot speak for themselves. Countries in Europe are doing so much more than we are…surely it is time to make some changes…and truly become a kind, gentle and humane place to live. To quote a man I revere (as do many),

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”…Mahatma Ghandi


He also said,

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed



Be the change you want to see in the world.


That is precisely what I will try to do with the rest of my life. You can too…join the OSPCA,ASPCA, WSPA, the CHDC, any group working to change the lives of animals…adopt from shelters if you want a kitten or cat or puppy or dog or rabbit or any of the other animals that need homes…do not buy suspect fur products from Asia…not even those little fur mice for your kitty…contact your Representative, your MP, MPP, Mayor, Councillor…tell them you want to change and update our animal welfare laws and ban the sale of dog and cat fur and the slaughter of horses…if enough of us do these things it can happen…it must happen. If you know what happens to animals here or anywhere else in the world…change must come so we can sleep without nightmares and know we are the change…we are progressing morally and in every way we can.

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The world in general accepts a lot of cruelty to animals. And this country allows to go on many things, both for people and animals, that we pretend we are too moral to allow. And has the new trend among veterinarians hit your area? Aniimal care must now be so expensive that only the most well-filled wallets can afford to have animals, and the rest of us should just forget it because we can’t afford the vet.

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