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Time has gone by, but Billy & Joy still need your help
February 18, 2010, 6:34 pm
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stray kittens
The village I live in is a dumping ground for unwanted cats and kittens. This past year has seen three pregnant cats abandoned, all of whom we have taken in and fostered, either on our own or through our local shelter. Juno was dumped here and had 4 kittens, Jett was left behind when her owners moved away and had one litter in an attic, only one kitten survived before we found her and rescued her, pregnant again…she had 5 kittens. Then there was Bijou, starving and emaciated..she had 7 kittens…all had to be bottle fed as she didn’t have enough teats or milk. All 20 cats and kittens have found good homes, and had the medical care they needed. All this was done out of our own resources with some help from our shelter.

Now there are two young kittens who appeared out of “nowhere”, again, and they are living in our yard and the woodshed of our neighbour. It is winter, and they need to be trapped and brought in and spayed and neutered before they begin to reproduce..which of course is possible at 6 months..they need de-worming as they both have pot-bellies and they need testing and their shots. Our shelter is overflowing, so my husband and I want to do this for the two babies, before winter gets any worse. Luckily January has been relatively mild. The problem is that we really do not have the funds to look after them, so I thought I would try to raise enough money to save them and find them homes. There are two, one orange and white and one a grey tabby. I will get some pictures on here soon. I know I am not a registered charity, but I hope you will find it in your heart to help a bit. Someone has to look after the cats others seem to think are disposable. And our local shelter is underfunded, overworked and overflowing with cats, mainly because folks don’t spay or neuter their pets. Thank you for reading this… Please check out the link to help billy and joy on the side bar.

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Hi Nancy:

I rescued an Orange Tabby little female; a “purr baby…and got her spayed when just a few months;
she has been doing great; a faithful companion !

I wish you luck on your blog and kitten resuce…

Comment by Anna

thank you so much…all the best to you….i sent off letters to the pres and m.pickens and several other people so far…too bad i do not have a senator to bother…

Comment by nancy clark

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