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when i was little they were dogfood….here we go again….

It is a busy time in our world. Recession, terrorism, global warming, natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, man-made disasters like Darfur and the mess Chevron has made of the rainforest. I think about these things all the time, and I do what I can to make things better….reduce, reuse, recycle, insulate to lessen our use of fossil fuels, combine trips to use less gas in our car, give to charity as best I can…

Like many people, though, I do spend a lot of time worried about the things and people closer to home, our finances, David’s job, our ageing parents, our children, our cats, how to pay the bills, how to fix the car, things like that.

Recently, though, another issue has reared  its ugly head in my brain and heart. Horses. Wild horses. Mustang. I do not know if you have heard or read of the Wild horse round ups going on in the States.  The Bureau of Land Management has decided for some reason that there are horses where there shouldn’t be horses, and too many horses where should be  horses and not enough land for them anywhere.  They are rounding up and corralling horses and burros, moving them, slaughtering them and doing them no good at all. Many horses have died, some from being  run off their feet and not getting treatment, mares have aborted, some euthanized for medical reasons, some die of exhaustion and other problems. The contractors  used for some of the round ups are under criminal investigation for cruelty already, and many of the horses already rounded up have been withheld from public view. This whole thing stinks. And it stinks even more when you read reports that say the reason behind all this is money and energy development.

The Mustang, the wild horses of the United States, are federally protected because of the demands of the American people back in the fifties, sixties and seventies. A woman known as Wild Horse Annie (real name, Velma  Bronn Johnston), an animal rights activist, campaigned for protection for the mustang,  rounded up and slaughtered in the fifties. She worked tirelessly to get protection for these wild and fascinating creatures, and in 1959 Nevada took action and in 1971, the federal government passed a law protecting the horses and awarding them land to live on and roam free. Now, so many years later, Velma must have twisted her winding-sheet into knots as she spins in her grave, seeing what is happening to her beloved horses.

The wild horses are under threat,  treated inhumanely and cruelly and it has to stop.  The BLM adoption program has strict rules about shelter for adopted animals, but they are not following their own guidelines. The corralled and warehoused horses are not being looked after properly and it is winter, even in Nevada and elsewhere.

There is a lot of information out there for any of you interested…I have listed some links…check out the blog here on WordPress “tuesdayshorse”.

If anyone has the time or inclination, please contact the White House, President and Mrs. Obama and anyone else you can think of.

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